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Export Risk Management, Inc. (ERM) specializes in credit, political risk, and ocean cargo insurance. Our products help companies sell on more aggressive credit terms; obtain low-rate financing to help win sales; or ensure that projects or investments can go forward without the risk of government intervention, war, etc.

Our specialty is international business. Our clients range from large multi-national manufacturers and financial institutions, to entrepreneurs just starting to export.

We use our market knowledge and leverage to obtain the highest quality protection at the lowest possible cost, and seek to provide industry-leading service and creativity at all times.

Founded in 1993 in New York City, and located in Salisbury, Connecticut since 2001, ERM was named  "Broker of the Year," by the Export-Import Bank of the United States in April, 2001. In addition to Eximbank, we work with all major underwriters of credit and political risk insurance, including American International Group (AIG), Ace, Atradius, Coface, EulerHermes, Exporters, FCIA Management Co., HCC Credit, Lloyd's of London, and Zurich.

In a turbulent world, proactive protection is your best defense--and a great offense as well! 

Whether it's a credit insurance policy for a first-time exporter, or a sophisticated blend of coverage and financing for a multi-national project, ERM can help protect you from bankruptcies, slowpayers, and political crises, so you can take full advantage of domestic or overseas opportunities. There is usually no additional cost for our assistance, as we are compensated by the underwriters directly. ERM also actively assists clients in obtaining funding for domestic and international transactions from banks, other financial institutions, and government agencies. 

Key Benefits

bulletIncreased Sales
bulletRisk protection

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