Export Risk Management, Inc. is one of the top specialty brokers of credit, political risk, and ocean marine insurance in the United States. 

Clients are located nationwide, and range from small trading companies to multi-national manufacturers and financial institutions. Virtually all customer relationships are generated by referral from satisfied clients, bankers, and government officials.

Representative transactions include:

bulletA 60-country short-term commercial and political credit risk policy for a vehicle manufacturer with $100,000,000 in export sales. In addition, we have negotiated medium-term policies and made forfaiting arrangements on their behalf.
bullet Political and commercial credit risk coverage for a $17,000,000 construction project in Mexico. Designed to dovetail with programs provided by a European government credit agency, the policies covered pre-shipment risks, contract repudiation, credit risks, government interference, and wrongful calling of a performance bond.
bulletOcean Marine Cargo insurance for a metals trading company at rates 30% below the competition.
bulletA $10,000,000 Medium Term Bank-to-Bank facility with a bank in Costa Rica, to finance imports of US products.
bullet$1,500,000 in single sale credit risk coverage for shipments to a start-up satellite telecommunications company in Argentina.
bulletCredit risk protection for a furniture manufacturer that in three years grew from 5 countries and $2,500,000 in exports, to 20 countries and $15,000,000 in export sales.
bullet$3,000,000 in political risk coverage for a trading company’s inventory in Russia.
bulletPrimary and Excess credit insurance for a marine engine manufacturer. The primary underwriter was unwilling to provide the full limits required, but we were able to negotiate higher coverage through a specialty market.
bulletFinancing of $100,000,000 in outstanding receivables for a trading company, using both government and commercial policies. ERM handled the insurance and arranged much of the financing.
bulletCustomized, "private label" customer and relationship officer training in export finance for a major money center bank, with over 25 seminars nationwide per year.
bulletEximbank credit insurance and related financing for a novelty items manufacturer shipping $2,000,000 annually to Latin America.
bullet Medium Term (5 years) financing for a $5,000,000 safety equipment upgrade to a Caribbean oil refinery.
bullet Protection against US and host government interference with a $450,000 telecommunications project in Bosnia.
bulletCustomized finance training for international sales and marketing staff of a multi-national company in Tokyo, Istanbul, and Tampa.
bullet100% financing for a Caribbean Government purchase of capital equipment. We placed 85% of the $8,000,000 sale with the Export-Import Bank, with repayment over 5 years at Libor plus 0.75%. The remaining $1,200,000 was covered by a commercial insurance policy, repayable over 3 years at Libor plus 2%. ERM negotiated the insurance placements and arranged the financing with a commercial bank.

To discuss your needs with a member of ERM's staff, call (860) 435-0430 and ask for Carey D. Fiertz, President, or send him an email at cfiertz@exportrisk.com

We welcome the opportunity to be of service.


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