Expert Witness



ERM Group principals Carey Fiertz and Richard "Chip" Thomas are available to serve as expert witnesses in trade credit insurance and general trade finance litigation.

Carey has been engaged as an expert witness in 3 lawsuits involving trade credit insurance:

bullet Ohio, federal court: 7-figure judgment in client's favor resulted from an expert report and 6-hour deposition
bullet Florida, state court: 7-figure jury award in client's favor resulted from 5 hours of testimony
bullet Connecticut, federal court: high 6-figure settlement in client's favor followed expert report and deposition.

Carey can be reached at (860) 435-0430 or by email at 

Chip testified in a federal case in Pennsylvania involving letters of credit. His testimony resulted in a 6-figure award.

Chip can be reached at (610) 563-6335, or by email at


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